Motivation Monday

Interestingly enough this week everything is in alignment.

The course I’m teaching: Adult Education – Online and Blended Learning in Post-Secondary we are discussing authentic assessment. The entire program lives inside the LMS and most activity takes place inside the discussion forums. So of course, I asked: are discussion forums authentic? are you motivated to post?

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Categories and Topics

Lately every meeting I go to it seems we are trying to categorize, classify, and organize words into buckets. This should be natural for me, since I’m a biology major but I’m finding more and more my category edges blurring. Word buckets leaking. I had this insight last year in my first MEd course when the Structure of Organizations reading was trying to put different schools of thought into a grid framework and I realized that the grid needed more dimensions.

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Graphic narratives to define quality teaching in a learning organization 

This literature review was borne out of necessity to look critically at my practice and underlying assumptions as I am given more opportunities to facilitate sessions at Brock and abroad. 

Variations of my workshop were delivered for the Ontario Instructional Designers Interest Group at McMaster on March 23, 2018, Ride The Wave K-12 Teacher’s conference in Gimli,

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Planning my Lit Review

I’m two months into an Masters of Education independent study project, which I cleverly decided to dovetail with a lot of existing work I was doing for my day job, or side job, as the case may be. I was invited to the Ride The Wave conference in Gimli, Manitoba and I had planned on giving a variation of my visual practice workshop to these k12 teachers.

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Experimenting begins with play

I’m excited for the Extend East cohort to kick off the experimenter module this week. While it is its own stand alone module, in truth, extenders have been experimenting for weeks already.

For some, just creating a twitter account and getting “followed” is a whole new unnerving experience. For others, trying the timeline tool and tweeting out a link.

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IDIG Ontario

Today I presented at the Instructional Design Interest Group at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. It was a great group of about 60 IDs from across Ontario.

I’m giving a similar workshop in Gimli, Manitoba in May so I was happy to experiment with some ideas and get some feedback from folks who know about teaching and learning.

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