Well, this is exciting. I’ve signed up for eCampusOntario’s 9x9x25. Entirely because the awesome Terry Greene is leading the project. Well, also because I remember when the ALSO awesome Todd Conaway started this and had so much fun with his faculty over the years.

I’m not entirely sure I have the time to meet this challenge but it’s only 9 posts, 9 weeks, and 25 sentences! I need something to kickstart my blogging again.

I’ve been caught between edudoodle.com and gforsythe.ca trying to figure out what goes where. I haven’t really updated gforsythe.ca in so long, it makes me sad. I started edudoodle to be a professional portfolio when I was working on the Ontario Extend project last year so I could go through the process new with the other extenders. It’s nice overall but it feels a bit sterile because I’ve mostly only been writing my masters of education reflections in this subdomain ideas.edudoodle.com. The length requirements for those papers feel unreadable in blog format, even for me, and I wrote them!

I contemplated creating ANOTHER subdomain for the 9x9x25 but that seems like overkill. In addition to ideas.edudoodle I already have workshops.edudoodle for workshop resources and gallery.edudoodle which is a SPLOT that collect artefacts from workshops.

The best option is to use categories. Wow, I haven’t added an RSS feed from categories TOPICS since DS106 (*sniff, Añoranza).

Okay, I figured it out (I THINK). I’m using categories here where previously I was using topics?

I *think* my feed is http://ideas.edudoodle.com/category/9x9x25

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