Graphically Speaking Resource List

The following resources highlight the scholarly and educational practices from Helen DeWaard, Giulia Forsythe, and Deb Baff.

sketchnote that says graphically speaking in a speech bubble with tools, practice, and doodles

Created by Helen DeWaard, Giulia Forsythe, and Deb Baff, the following resources highlight each of our scholarly and educational practices in sketchnoting.

Helen DeWaard’s Graphic and links

List of sketchnotes by section




Additional mentions in the Author’s section

Giulia Forsythe’s graphic and links




Additional Mentions in the Author’s Section

Deb Baff’s graphic and links

Deb’s Accompanying Blog Post

Deb’s #Sketchnotes Padlet

Made with Padlet

Helen, Giulia, and Deb’s Sketchnote Influencers

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