Experimenting begins with play

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I’m excited for the Extend East cohort to kick off the experimenter module this week. While it is its own stand alone module, in truth, extenders have been experimenting for weeks already.

For some, just creating a twitter account and getting “followed” is a whole new unnerving experience. For others, trying the timeline tool and tweeting out a link. Each Daily Extend is an invitation to experiment, and many have jumped in with both feet.

In this module, we’re invited to try new things, share them, and reflect on that the experience. This is what we ask our learners to do all the time and it’s an essential part of the experiential learning cycle.

One of my favourite experimenters is the great Grant Potter. While Grant’s technical genius is mind-blowing for me (he built ds106radio in a weekend!) no matter your technical level, his approach to experimenting is really helpful:

  1. experimenting begins with PLAY. Have fun!
  2. say yes to the MESS
  3. celebrate happy accidents, and
  4. take time to reflect
@grantpotter Tinkering, Learning & The Adjacent Possible
#viznotes from Grant Potter’s UMW keynote

I’m looking forward to seeing some playful experimentation this week and reading the reflections.

Let’s get experimenting!

header image: cc-0 from page 355 of “Moving pictures : how they are made and worked” (1914). Internet Archive.

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