Categories and Topics

Lately every meeting I go to it seems we are trying to categorize, classify, and organize words into buckets. This should be natural for me, since I’m a biology major but I’m finding more and more my category edges blurring. Word buckets leaking. I had this insight last year in my first MEd course when the Structure of Organizations reading was trying to put different schools of thought into a grid framework and I realized that the grid needed more dimensions. The graphic at the left indicates my big AHA moment, indicating 2 dimensional frameworks are insufficient and they need to consider depth, space, and time. All this to say, I’m playing with categories to ensure I have my WordPress feed set up correctly for my 9x9x25 challenge. This is post number two, categorized as 9x9x25. Will it appear in my feed? I’m just experimenting! That’s also a category!
To celebrate here’s a picture of a baby experimenter:
For the record, I believe that the RSS feed is working!

3 thoughts on “Categories and Topics”

  1. Rules were made to be broken!

    Categorization is, in some ways, central to my lack of writing in public over recent year…the world is so much messier than categories and tags allow for. *I* am so much messier. And then the weight of expectations that come from the categories we are placed in by others gets to be stifling…

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